The importance of Corporate Christmas Cards

Published: 11th January 2012
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It’s time to wish your customers, clients and business prospects a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Sending out corporate Christmas cards is a lovely way to keep in touch with your clients, reminding them that you are a company which cares whilst ensuring customer loyalty. Sending out Christmas cards is a clever marketing tool, which aim is not to gain sales in the immediate, but to install a sense of loyalty and commitment amongst your business prospects. It’s therefore important to get your business Christmas cards just right.
The marketing effect of a corporate Christmas card
It’s important to send Christmas cards to your professional contacts to show them attention. An excellent communication tool, your company Christmas cards make for a great marketing tool. Whilst genuinely wishing a merry Christmas to your professional contacts, you’ll also be able to highlight your product and services. The question you now have to ask yourselves is: how to construct a message without looking too keen?
Be subtle!
Your corporate Christmas cards can make your internal and external communication teams slightly nervous. In effect, whilst being a unique marketing tool, the Christmas card’s intention is not to act as a publicity stunt. Without being too intrusive, you can remind your customers of your contact details, or include your website link or Facebook page. But try and avoid displaying or mentioning your products, or to include a promotion or mention of your prices.
What message should you include?
Don’t hesitate to add your company logo, as a little reminder of your company’s image. Take care in your text, without making things to complicated! A nice little “merry Christmas and a happy new year” will suffice. Remember, you’ll be sending them out to your customers and clients, not your friends and family, so don’t get too over personal. You can include a nice little quote, which reflects your business etiquette or values. Something that draws on strength, loyalty, dynamism and other such positive connotations, and where possible, things that relate to your company. Remember, a lot of this depends on your company image; if you like to encourage a closer relationship with your professional contacts, then why not add a picture of the team? Sign your card with something like “from the entire team at”; to give it a bit more of a personal touch.
When to send them
You don’t want to send them too early, nor too late, as that would look rushed. The best time to send them is around the beginning of December. This can give way for delays (if any) and also show your customers that you’ve taken care in preparing your Christmas cards.
It also means you’ll have enough time to get your team together for a team photo! You could take it of them wearing Christmas hats or toasting glasses of champagne.
Where to buy them
You shouldn’t look to put too much budget into this – there exist many great online sites, which offer lovely designs, and which you can easily personalise online with your company name and logo. The ability to personalise your cards with your company logo is probably the most important thing to look out for – not only does this look more ‘professional’, but it makes the cards looked more thought out. Rather than buying a pack of cards form the local supermarket and having to handwrite each one, you can create your corporate Christmas cards online, in no time, and have them delivered straight to your door! Most online sites will offer exclusive discounts and promotions, so don’t hesitate to have a look around for the best deal.

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